• Kristen Moon

Kristen Moon: featured expert on MassMutual.com

Kristen Moon, the founder of MoonPrep.com, has given her advice to MassMutual on how much student loan debt is too much for students to take on.

“Young adults are drowning in student loan debt. The media constantly blames the universities for charging such an exorbitant price, but I blame the student and their parents,” Moon said. “The reality is that students need to attend a university they can afford, plain and simple. Parents need to educate their children on what it means to take on large amounts of debt and not bank on debt reform being the solution.”

Moon said that between federal aid, state aid and reduced in-state tuition, it is feasible for all students to attend college with minimal student loans. The problem arises when the student decides to attend the private university that offers no aid and costs $65,000 a year instead of the less expensive state university.

“Would you buy an expensive luxury car you could not afford?” Moon asks. “No, that would be crazy!”

Students must not insist on attending universities they cannot afford and parents must not support the idea that it is OK for their children to take on six-figure student loan debt, Moon said.

“One of the best life lessons a parent can teach their children is how to responsibly manage money,” Moon said. “Guiding a student to attend a college they can afford and be responsible when it comes to borrowing money is a valuable life lesson for the student — perhaps even more valuable than attending a prestigious, expensive university.”

Learn more about helping your child graduate college with minimal debt: What High-Schoolers Need to Know about Student Loans.


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