MOON PREP is your partner

in college admissions.

Let us be a valued resource to you and your students.

We share the same goal: for your students to be accepted to their top-choice college. We have the resources and expertise to make this a reality. 

The Problem

The Solution

The college admissions process is not straightforward.

Parents are often confused, short on time, and lack the experience necessary to help their student.

Moon Prep becomes your partner in the college admissions process.

We guide the parent and student every step of the way.

Students are overwhelmed and need expert guidance.

We introduce the student to programs they may not have

heard of.

High school counselors are busy. Many simply do not have the time required to provide the customized attention it takes to get a student accepted to an elite college.

We are experts in the entire college admissions process, including financial aid and scholarships.

Not all high school counselors are familiar with specialty programs, such as direct medical programs (BS/MD), early assurance programs (EAP), joint engineering programs, and many others.

We are available nights and weekends, when it is convenient for parents and students and when high school counselors are not at work.




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